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Miss Pre-Teen Princess Winston Salem


Winston Salem


Adhd awareness in young girls

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About Me

My name is Christina Wilson & I am 11 years old. I enjoy singing, playing games on Xbox, playing with my 2 younger brothers & spending time with my family. I have a small business making & selling candy pops, it’s called PrettyPops! My grandmother(gammy) & mommy help me run it.
My favorite subject in school is science, it’s just so interesting to me! When I become an adult, I think I’d like to become a singer, either gospel or r&b or a scientist or a business owner, like my parents.

About My

I am choosing the platform adhd, particularly in girls my age because I was diagnosed a couple of years ago. I sometimes can struggle with staying focused. I think there is a bad name for children with adhd, we’re not bad or misbehaved, our brains just work a little different! Sometimes, I think that only boys get attention for adhd and girls get a little left out and it can cause self esteem issues. My parents tell me all the time, that adhd may change how I have to handle things but it doesn’t mean I can’t handle it! I hope to encourage other young girls with adhd to know that they can do whatever they want to do as well!

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