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About Me

Crystal Patrick-Jefferson is a native of Fort Lauderdale, Fl and has also spent most of her life in Myrtle Beach, SC. As a natural beach girl, she has had to overcome many challenges in her life. One such challenge, was leaving her hometown of Myrtle Beach and attending UNCG in Greensboro, NC. After college, Crystal continued her education and obtained her Masters degree in Social Work from USC in Columbia, South Carolina. Crystal then went on to serve children and families as a Social Worker for over 10 years. After her divorce, Crystal relocated to Greensboro, NC, and began to overcome challenges in her life that had persisted as a result of childhood trauma, low self-esteem, homelessness, bankruptcy, divorce, drug abuse, and promiscuity.

With faith in Jesus Christ, Crystal has been able to bounce back from every circumstance, setback, or disappointment, and restart her life by living it in a better way. Crystal now lives in Greensboro and is currently an elementary school teacher for Guilford County Schools and is raising her teenage daughter, and niece and nephew in this beautiful phase of her life.

About My

Everyone in life has faced setbacks, disappointments, or circumstances that would tell them there is no way to recover from what has happened or what they’ve been through. However, my entire life has consisted of recovering from every pit stop, and restarting, so beautifully, that it is hard to believe I’ve been through so many storms. The growth, the healing, the peace, the joy, the desire to share my platform anywhere and everywhere, shows me that I’ve not only restarted beautifully, but have grown into a beautiful version of myself that I have never seen before.

Beginning beautifully is for anyone who has faced a storm in life, a pit, a block, a hurdle, a Goliath, a loss, a disappointment, or a challenge, that caused a time or season in their life to look ugly. It is for those who may think that all is lost, time has passed, and their future dreams are so far beyond their reach, that it is impossible. However, no matter where you got stuck in life, or hit the pause button, you can always press restart, and begin again, Beautifully.

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