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Little Miss Princess Winston Salem


Winston Salem


Social Heart of Winston Salem (Non-Profit ) Feeding Homeless

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About Me

My name is Kinsley Nöelle Haney , I am 4 years old , born and raised in Winston -Salem NC . I am a beautiful , confident, smart, dancing machine who loves Music . I was born with two dimples, ten fingers , ten toes , bright smile , Big heart, Big Fro, and a bright future . I was born January 2019 with no indication of a birth defects. It wasn’t until a month later a red dot appeared on my face. It begin to increase in size about a dime size or smaller. We scheduled an appointment with a Hematology specialist. The Hematology specialist and at that moment informed my parents that I had a birth mark called a Hemangioma (Strawberry) on my face . The hemangioma appears as a rubbery, bright red nodule of extra blood vessels. My hemangioma is above my lip underneath my nose . People often point and ask questions thinking that it is a bruise. I tell them that this is my birthmark . I want to bring awareness to everyone being different is not alway bad . I am beautiful in side and out with my hermangioma on my face . Just always remember “ Just a little girl changing the world one rhinestone at a time.”

About My

I choose Social Heart because this organization is about helping the homeless and also giving back to the community. I like helping this organization by giving back to children of my age with clothes and toys. I also help with preparing care bags for homeless men, women, and children with personal items such a tooth brushes, tooth paste, lotion, healthy snacks, shaving kits, and hand warmers and etc. My mom is teaching me at an early age that it is a blessing to help those in need.

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