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Domestic Violence

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About Me

My name is Melissa Abshire, and I am forty four year old single mother of two daughters, one son. I also have one granddaughter and one grandson. I am originally from Phyllis, Kentucky. I have lived here in North Carolina since I was four years old. I attended school at Mineral Springs elementary and middle school, and then on to North Forsyth High School. I have attended Forsyth Technical Community College working toward my Psychology Degree. I'm currently enrolling to Winston Salem State University to complete my Psychology Degree. I will also be working toward three other certifications in between everything else.

I currently hold two fulltime careers. I am an Office Assistant for one company and I am a Community Navigator for the other. I have been in the Mental Health, Intellectual Developmental Disability field for eleven years now. I love what I do and how I get to help the people we serve, at the end of the day seeing people we serve succeed at their goals is all worth it in the end. In my spare time I like to go to spend time with my kids and grandkids, watch movies, meet up with friends, paint, help out modeling clothes for The Curvy Fox Boutique on their Facebook Lives when I have the time.

About My

I chose this platform due to unfortunately having experienced Domestic Violence first hand some years ago. Domestic Violence is a type of abuse that has many different ways to affect a person. Domestic Violence has several faces such as physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, verbal and financial. Domestic Violence over time will cause a person to not believe they are capable of taking care of themselves and or believing they can get out of the abuse and move on. Domestic Violence has ways of making you think you have to continue to lean on or need the one whom is abusing You. Domestic Violence is abusive behaviors which are not symptoms that someone is angry or out of control. An abuser makes a choice to exert power and control over his or her partner to manipulate any situation.

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