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Ms. Clemmons


Winston Salem


Mental Health Awareness (Depression)

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About Me

Born and raised in the triad area of North Carolina, Rhonda understands the intangible benefits of life in the community she calls home. Rhonda Nelson is an esteemed real estate agent earning the prestigious Realtor of the Year award by Triad City Beat in 2020.
Rhonda is highly regarded by her clients and professionals in the field. A current Winston-Salem resident, she is well-connected and actively involved in the community. Her contacts and life-long residency leverage her enthusiasm and expertise. This expertise allows Rhonda to help those who love the area whether they were born and raised in it, have grown to appreciate the beauty and timeless nature of the triad or those who are eager to call North Carolina home.
She is also highly skilled at helping seniors or those with different abilities with their next phase in life having spent nearly 3 decades as a social worker for the elderly and disabled before stepping into the real estate world.
In her spare time, Rhonda enjoys spending time with her son, Spencer, snuggling with their dog, Trouser, reading, watching movies especially Superhero movies, enjoying talks with friends over chai, Kombucha, or a good Cabernet Sauvignon and looks forward to walks in the gorgeous parks of the triad and dipping her toes in the sandy beaches of North Carolina.

About My

As a Generation X female, mental health awareness specifically depression is not a subject that came naturally to many of us as we were growing up dealing with issues that didn't have a name or were conversations to be held in secret with lots of shame around it. I found myself as a young adult at Campbell University switching my major to Psychology from law because I was fascinated with how the mind worked and didn't realize for years that I was embarking upon a very expensive therapy route for myself. It was years later that I realized the feelings I had were not the same feelings everyone else had. Sure everyone has situational sadness and various forms of grief, but when you are person who lives with depression it is with you daily. After having my son, I didn't realize I was in the midst of postpartum depression and just continued to put one foot in front of the other because that is how I was raised. Through the years, I went to traditional therapy and it would help for a while but it was a costly venture so it wouldn't last long due to financial concerns and because most women put their self-care on the back burner. It wasn't until my son was experiencing a change in his life in the young teenage years when the hormones were coming into play at the same time as some situational sadness was at hand. I witnessed the signs in him that I had experienced for years and it helped me to articulate my own feelings so the two of us could have a good conversation. Basically, my son held a mirror up to my face and I took a long hard look at my life living with depression. I am blessed to have such an amazing son who is open to conversations with me. There are plenty of people living with depression daily that do not have the family, knowledge, support or resources I was able to obtain to take the edge off that depression and allow me to live a life where I am in control of depression and not the other way around. I believe we need to lift the veil of shame and secrecy and openly discuss mental health in this country and have affordable support systems in place. We have come a long way since my youth but we have a long way to go.

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