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Single Beauty

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About Me

I was born and raised in Winston Salem, North Carolina. I completed a Bachelors degree in Healthcare Management from Winston Salem State University. Since then I have worked for Novant Health. In 2020 I started a business called Cora’s Coffee & Beauty, selling the best coffee grounds and herbal teas
I have a passion for helping the elderly and being there for them when they feel alone. I also love to help single mothers and women who are dealing with anxiety and depression.

About My

Platform Name: Single Beauty

Platform Mission: With giving birth and becoming a new parent there are always mixed emotions around this new journey. The emotions can range from happy and joyful to nervous and sadness. As a single mother, fear and loneliness always shows up as well. In the beginning, it was exciting to think about and plan for the arrival of what I knew was going to be a beautiful bundle of joy. Once I was told I had to have my child two months early due to my heart failing. The feeling quickly changed from excitement to fear. Once Ayden was born, he immediately went to NICU and I was rushed to the CICU to have surgery. By the grace of God, after a little while I was cleared and healed from any heart abnormality. Again, my feelings changed. This time from fear back to excitement and gratitude. Unfortunately, a few months later after my miracle took place, my father died and once again my entire world changed. That’s when I realized being a single mom and life comes with so many emotions. Regardless of what happens, life does not stop. Whatever you do you have to make a decision to make the best out of what you are faced with. I chose to live and today I choose joy over everything. When I am in a state of peace my miracle son is full of joy and peace. My platform is to create a sisterhood for single moms where we learn to love ourselves, love our children the right way, and pour love into each other so we can be the Queens we were created to be.

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