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Miss Teen Winston-Salem Plus America 2024




Miss. Teen Winston-Salem

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About Me

Zakaria Holland. I am 13 years old and a 7th grader at Paisley IB Middle School. There, I am on the chorus, in the drama and chess clubs. I am also an Ambassador to new and foriegn students that sign up for classes. I enjoy going to church where I attend St. Paul United Metheodist Church. I am a member of the Youth Choir, and play the handbells.
My hobbies include acting, singing, dance, reading, drawing, and writing.

About My

My platform, The Butterfly Project, is about bringing awareness to the mental health in teens. It can affect anyone, regardless of their background or situation. However, it is more consistent in schools with teens, especially in these days and times. It is important to recognize and acknowledge the challenges that can come with teen mental health struggles while also promoting resilience and self-care. Mental health in teens is a serious issue that deserves thoughtful and compassionate attention. It's rarely talked about because it's usually looked at as attention seeking or something small, but the truth is teen mental health problems are real and should be taken seriously, not just pushed aside. Teen mental health can impact every aspect of their life, including their relationships, family, school, and overall well-being. It’s hard to keep those things at their best when you don’t feel your best. So, my purpose is to make teen mental health something to be noticed and focused on, not just another unimportant topic to push to the side. We're important too.

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