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Swynette Stone

Swynette Stone

Production Manager

Swynette Stone has collectively shared her eccentric artistic fashions and production manager expertise with various organizations within her community. She has been the visionary, leading spectacular productions from 2007 to 2022, for the National Black Theatre Festival; wearing many hats, The Church the Body of Christ, and Alabaster Place for Domestic Violence. Leaving a footprint from the outstanding flow of her events.
Because of her leadership to define the outcome, creativity, compassion for others, stability, calmness, stress-free ability to puzzle details, collaboration, and organizational skills she received the 2018 Forsyth County Entertainment Awards, Fashion Designer and Event Planner of the year. She is known for her ability to collectively mesh event components together to execute the vision into reality.
Swynette is super jubilant for the opportunity to connect with the N.C. Plus American Pageant system as the Production Manager. This window will allow the continuation of her numerous creativeness and production managerial skills to illuminate through the lens of pageantry. Swynette walks in ready to serve, connect, collaborate, cultivate to make a difference. She wishes the beautiful contestants the best and look forward to embracing the rich personalities and talents over the next months.
Swynette grasp the need to mesh the production manager and the fashion industry so we will blossom as beauty butterflies.

"The best is yet to come."

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