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Miss Greensboro




TAB Arts Center Non-Profit

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About Me

A Boss Queen! It’s more than just my alter ego, it’s a lifestyle. I’m royalty and a boss in one. From growing up in a loving home on the eastside of Greensboro, NC , to going to performing arts school at Weaver Academy, getting a college education at UNCG for a degree in Media Studies and Theatre, and currently working in Arts Administration and as a Elementary Teacher post-graduation. I’ve always been a force to be reckoned with!
I’m still building my confidence and trying to get myself out there. I’m exploring my dreams and the entertainment/music industry to help me. I’m a Black woman with southern roots and many talents. I’m an actress, songwriter, performer, and an independent artist! I’m “full of life” and viewed as a “darling” to many people. That’s why I chose the name Vicky Vida for my stage name because whenever I walk into a room it’s a celebration. I believe people shouldn’t categorize people since God already predestined something for us to be! That’s why I want to become Miss Greensboro North Carolina Plus America to break the negative stigmas for plus-size women and bring awareness to self-love over hate. Fun fact: My mother was a former beauty queen in the late 70’s.

About My

My platform is “Youth Arts for All”. Youth stands for Young, Outstanding, Uniquely, Talented, Heroes! My goal is to teach ALL children and adolescents about the importance of Performing Arts Education. I want to support young students by developing their creative minds and giving them the outlet and freedom to express themselves and follow their dreams, especially those who feel overlooked, such as the minority community. I believe all youth should be heard and seen in every setting. No child should feel neglected because of their desire to be an artist today!

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